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Causes and contributing factors to congestive heart failure include the following (with specific reference to left (L) or right (R) sides):

* Genetic family history of CHF
* Ischemic heart disease/Myocardial infarction (coronary artery disease)
* Thyrotoxicosis (hyperthyroidism)
* Anemia
* Arrhythmia
* Hypertension
* Cardiac fibrosis
* Coarctation of the aorta (L)
* Aortic stenosis/regurgitation (L)
* Mitral regurgitation (L)
* Pulmonary stenosis/Pulmonary hypertension/Pulmonary embolism
* Mitral valve disease (L)

The usual heart irritants can make CHF deadly: arterial plaque, stress, smoking, old age, lack of exercise, overworked heart, and obesity. In genetic family history of CHF, the cause is a weak heart having thinner muscle walls than usual, and often weakened further by one or more of the above heart irritants. Arterial plaque lines the inside of the arteries that supply the heart and the rest of the body, meaning less blood gets to the heart itself, as well as the heart having to work harder to push blood through the thinner systemic arteries. The result is irregular heart beats causing inefficient blood pumping and a tired heart.

Heart Failure
Heart failure is a serious illness which requires good management. This article outlines the recommended treatments.

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Home > Circulation Problems > Causes

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